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8:00 PM

Creek Cave Live


8:00 PM

Creek Cave Live

Creek Cave Live is the touring arm of The Creek & The Cave, when we are not on the road we bring you the best showcase NYC Alternative comedy has to offer and the best part? It’s Free plus a FREE MEXICALI BEER when you come to the show!


What are people saying? Comedians & Audience a like are loving this show!


“I’ve never had so much fun on stage!”


“Non stop fun, the Creek knows how to put on a show!!”


“I’ve never been to a comedy show before & I was in tears!”


Come to the show everyone is talking about.  Comics wanna be on it & audiences are lovin’ it!


Hosted by Lindsay Boiling
Chris Lamberth (Axs TV’s Gotham Live)

Frank Terranova (Oven Fresh Comedy Show)

Simmons McDavid The Fancy Show)

Myka Fox (Contributing writer for SNL, regular on Keith and the Girl0

Blake Midgette

Bryan Morris (Madison’s Funniest Comic)

Sara Armour (Betches of Comedy,New York Comedy Festival)

Lorelei Ramierez (Do Something Variety Show/ I’m Afraid of Dying)

Peggy O’Leary (TruTV’s FOTP)
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The Creek & The Cave


10:00 PM

Notebook Night


10:00 PM

Notebook Night

New York’s top comedians open their notebooks and work out the kinks. 
Get a first look at tomorrow’s funniest bits (before they’re funny).
Process is everything…