• Sangaria Sundays $3

  • Magic Hat Saturdays $3

  • Flautas/Founders Thurs $8

  • Burger & Beer Wednesdays $10

  • Taco & PBR Tuesday $5

  • Margarita Mondays $4

  • See Comedy Tonight

The Long and Short of It: Mishmash! along with 4 other improv groups will each perform a set of their own style of improv including various long form, short form and musical formats. Hosted by the charming and hilarious Michael Venzor.  If you’d like your improv group to participate in a show, contact Susan Kaessinger at improv@improvetc.com.

..The Internet Disagrees Presents…”WE’RE NOT JOSHIN’Leah is gearing up for her battle with Josh Groban.. So until then we’re going to do some comedy.Come out and enjoy improv comedy, unnecessary battles, tacos, & Molly’s rack.

– Sean Costello
– Leah Evans
– Molly Lisenco
– Matthew Schrader
– Zak Corrigan
– Austin Sanders
– Will Dietzler
– Jon Noto

Announcer: Mike Sause