• Sangaria Sundays $5

  • Brave(n) Saturdays $4

  • Flautas/Founders Fri $8

  • Burger & Beer Wednesdays $15

  • 2Tacos & PBR Tues $10

  • Margarita Mondays $5

  • See Comedy Tonight

Information TBD

So many funny women, we needed three shows! Hosted by Amber Rollo.

Rosa Escandon

Lauryn Petrie

Julie Mitchell

Becca Beberaggi

Gracie Canaan

DoRi Dimplez

Mila Myles

Bunny Themelis

Paris Sashay

8:00 PM


Unsung Heroes


8:00 PM


Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes is a live show brought to you by ZEROES ON HEROES (@zeroesonheroes) host Mike Mercadal (@mikemercadal). Recorded live at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, New York every Thursday, ZOH puts out an open invitation to any would be Heroes to join us on stage for a 5 minute display of their super talents, discussing the theme of the day, and telling their most inspirational and outlandish stories!

The final show of the fest does not disappoint with an all-star lineup hosted by Samantha Bednarz!


Pauline Murphy
Isabel Hagen

Nonye Brown

Melissa Diaz

Calvin Cato

Maddy Smith

Carolyn Bergier


Aminah Imani
Liza Treyger