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GALAXY will be a chance for retired SUPERNOVA teams to host their own show for a month, inviting teams and acts from all around NYC to come and perform with them, continuing the tradition of the program.

Just like SUPERNOVA was a way for people to experience house teams and stepping outside their comfort zone, GALAXY will be an experiment in autonomy, the teams hosting themselves, free to do what they want.

For the first month of October, the first SUPERNOVA team to host will be FLYNT!

The Immaculate Big Bang (aka The God Show) – Bill Santiago Official Website


       About The Show

        Sparked by the death of his father and birth of his daughter, Comedian Bill Santiago goes in search of answers at the border of science and religion,
        exploring the comic nature of the cosmic quest for understanding existence.

8:00 PM

Disc Rot


8:00 PM

Disc Rot

Disc Rot” is a new play by NYC comedian Brad Austin set in the small town of Rochester, Michigan (not Rochester, New York, as some people might think when hearing the word “Rochester”). Hapless record store owner Jack Shelby is on his last legs. Opening a CD store in the basement of a jewelry store across the street from a hugely popular vinyl store was a terrible choice. But the big sidewalk sales are this weekend and Jack is sure he can make enough money to defeat Vinyl Village, pay back his ex-wife and stop his unforgiving landlord Mr. Rose from turning the shop into a Latino dance club. Unfortunately, after some ill-advised comments of his appear in the local paper courtesy of a mysterious reporter, Jack is more at odds with the town – and his own employees – than ever. Can he win them over and save his store? Can his moody teenage employee, Grant, lose his virginity, or will he just keep losing his boner? And while we’re at it, who’s the best boy band ever? Who knows! At the end of the day, Jack is sure of only one thing: vinyl sucks and CDs rule.


10:00 PM

Creek Cave Live


10:00 PM

Creek Cave Live

Creek Cave Live (CCL) is the touring arm of The Creek & The Cave, when we are not on the road we bring you the most amazing showcase! It’s a mix of Creek favorites, comics just passing through and some of the best stand ups living in NYC.

Because we love comedy and our audiences so much we give you a free PBR for supporting our space and watching our show! And if you’re a dear and sit in the front row we give you a free shot!

Some past performers have been seen on NBC’s Last Comics Stand, Inside Amy Schumer, SNL, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Seth Meyers Show, Conan, The Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central, AXS Gotham Live, Fox, & HBO! 

Hosted by Peggy O’Leary (Montreal Just for Laughs) 
**Line Up available a few weeks before the show!
Hosted by Christi Chiello

Zardon Richardson (comedy studio)
Gideon Hambright (Beast Village Festival)
Brian paise(Montreal)
Benel G (Periscoping with Pat and Benel)
Rebecca Rush(opened for Neal Brennan)
Gary Anderson (San Fran Sketh Fest)
Erik Levi (Ridin The Pine Podcast)
Rob haze (JFL Montreal)
Kevin ISO (CC)


New York City based stand ups Brandon Scott Wolf and Anthony O’Connell talk with up-and-coming and established comedians about how they’ve Always Been Silly.