• Sangaria Sundays $3

  • Magic Hat Saturdays $3

  • Flautas/Founders Thurs $8

  • Burger & Beer Wednesdays $10

  • Taco & PBR Tuesday $5

  • Margarita Mondays $4

  • See Comedy Tonight

Dan Soder does his one hour special to raise money for Erik Bergstrom!

Link to follow

A filthy podcast featuring stand-up comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith. Listen in every week as they discuss the skankier sides of life, love, and stand-up comedy…..

10:00 PM

Creek Bros


10:00 PM

Creek Bros

Carmen Lagala, Billy ‘The Prince’ Prinsell, and Samantha ‘My Dad Owns A Dealership’ Ruddy bring you New York City’s favorite free frat party-themed standup show. The first Tuesday of every month at 10pm, they bring their favorite comics up to the stage to tell jokes, funnel beers, and bro out. Check it out before the college dean has it shut down. CB for life!