See Comedy Tonight

$5 PBR & Well SHOTS tonight

Chili and Soup


a variety show featuring sketches, stand up comedy and music.  A different show from the normal variety show.  Check it out for yourself.  

Amber and Matteo sing your favorite Christmas songs while slowly getting drunker throughout the night. Come see if we can still stand by the end! 
You’re gonna be Laughing All the Way while we Jingle Your Bells. 

Also tickling the ivory is the wonderfully talented Yaz

NickArrett presents: something old, something new, something borrowed , something blue.
Something Old, a reunion of seasoned improv vets getting back together for one more amazing set at the Creek.
Something New, a group of new improvisors doing their first set on stage at the Creek.
Something Borrowed, we mash up the vets and the rooks and watch the magic happen.
something Blue, NIckArrett do what we do and we go blue!

11:59 PM

Wasted Fraiser


11:59 PM

Wasted Fraiser

A live staged reading of an episode of the hit sitcom “Fraiser.”
And all the actors are drunk.
And they will just get drunker and drunker as the episode goes on.

With LIVE commercials!

Kyle Ayers, Ahri Findling, Chloe Wyma, Tom Cowell, Nick Naney and more!

Curated by Aaron Glaser