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$5 PBR & Well SHOTS tonight

It’s a Party Tonight

One Artist.  7pm.  The Creek and The Cave is proud to present a Week at The Creek.  A hand picked, organically grown free range comedian will cook up an hour before your very eyes.

This Week’s Artist:

Miguel Dalmau

Thirst quenchers is a showcase that displayed young and rising female talent co-hosted by Oni francis. with a special guest comic.

Line up:

Hadiyah Robinson

Alison Klemp (co-host)

Blair Socci

Marcia Bellsky

Irene Hartman

Verinta Bostick

Corirne Fisher

10:00 PM

Legion of Skanks


10:00 PM

Legion of Skanks

A filthy podcast featuring stand-up comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith. Listen in every week as they discuss the skankier sides of life, love, and stand-up comedy.

You can always tell how good a movie is going to be by it’s preview.   Kevin Bartini should know.  He routinely review movies after having only seen their previews. On this live recording of the Movie Preview Review Kevin shows a movie preview to some of the best Improv comics in town.  Then they improvise  based on having only seen a movies preview.