• Sangaria Sundays $5

  • Brave(n) Saturdays $4

  • Flautas/Founders Fri $8

  • Burger & Beer Wednesdays $15

  • 2Tacos & PBR Tues $10

  • Margarita Mondays $5

  • See Comedy Tonight

Ashley Brooke Roberts is a stand up comedian, writer, and actress. She has respect for authority figures, an extensive Disney pin collection, and a Bug Out Bag for when the S.H.T.F. She plans to stop searching for an identity through various haircuts and instead find her true self during her Week at the Creek. Join her for LOLs, JKs, and subtle truths about the human condition and iPhones.

No one likes you…….GOOD!
       Welcome to The Dump!: A Goddamn Storytelling Show!
        This is where Jake Hart(RISK!; Nights of Our Lives) hosts NYC’s funniest storytellers & YOU! Get 8 MINUTES of stage time to tell any ONE true story ya’ll want.  No themes, no judgments.  Just a room full of shitty people scrambling for a reason to live.