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Hard, Lonely & Vicious is a show that takes all the brutal aspects of stand-up and turns them on their head by inviting comics to take part in a drinking game before their set! Hosted by Peggy O’Leary (Bridgetown Comedy Festival) and a rotating cast of co-host! Come drink, laugh and learn a little too much about some of NYC best Stand Up Comics.
Check out Hard Lonely & Vicious the Podcast on Cave Comedy Radio.

10:00 PM

Creek Cave Live


10:00 PM

Creek Cave Live

Creek Cave Live (CCL) is the touring arm of The Creek & The Cave, when we are not on the road we bring you the an amazing showcase full of Creek favorites, comics just passing through and some of the best stand up comics living in NYC.

Because we love comedy and our audiences so much we give you a free PBR for supporting our space! And if you’re a dear and sit in the front row we give you a free shot!

Hosted by Peggy O’Leary (Montreal Just for Laughs)


Bob Hansen (Cape Fear Comedy Festival)
Chris Daniels (Brooklyn Comedy Festival)
Erik Monical (Bridgetown Comedy Festival)
Harry Terjanian (MTV, Winner of Andy Kaufman Award)
Irene Morales (Red Clay Comedy Festival)
Michael Lewis (Brooklyn Comedy Festival)
Nick Alexander (Laughs on FOX)
Ramon Rivas II (Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch)
Ryan Chani (Learn to Take a Joke podcast)
Steve Whalen (Brooklyn Comedy Festival)

Are you curious about the afterlife and the powers of the great beyond? Are you looking for answers about your place in the universe? Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever had sex with a ghost? Is that even possible? Sage Augustine thinks so.   Sage Augustine is gifted with a heightened sense of spiritual curiosity resulting in many amazing intuitive experiences throughout his life as he encounters the world of spirit. Jack Marble is Sage’s apostle, confidant, business partner and best friend. Together they are embarking on a spiritual journey across Long Island City to harness the power of laughter to open the world’s eyes to spirits, angels, demons, prophecies, wishes, magic and the afterlife.   Join Sage and Jack as they host a night of stand up comedy while demonstrating their powers of intuition and connectivity with the spiritual realm.


Noah Gardenswartz (Last Comic Standing)
Halle Kiefer (Writer, Friends Of The People)
Tyler Richardson (FORE)
Selena Coppock (McSweeney’s)