Art School Acid Dropout

Art School Acid Dropout

November 22nd 10:00 PM

New York City is home to billions of starving artists!


Grant Lindahl is a cartoonist and talk show host of Art School Acid Dropout. This unique comedy talk show invites a surprise guest visual artist to spend 15min showcasing their visual work. Is it Marina Abramovic or Paul Pope? You will have to show up and see who this crazy savant tricks into showing up!


Then we invite 5 of New York’s top comedians to tell a story about anything their heART desires. Each comedian will be sketched by Grant and his surprise guest artist. Bring your sketch book, bring your dad, Bring a live wild animal! The person with the best live sketch will win a kewl prize.


It will be a fun filled night of deep intellectual art therapy and shallow humorous comedy story telling!




The first 20 guests to show up get a signed limited edition poster!

Art School Acid Dropout
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