Bae-O: Bits About Each Other

Bae-O: Bits About Each Other

February 12th 10:00 PM

There is one great struggle that haunts every romantic relationship between two comedians: Who gets the bit? Nate Fridson and Alison Klemp (comedy power couple) attempt to answer that question with BAE-O! (Bits About Each Other). Bae-O! brings romantic comedians together onstage to show their two different versions of a shared premise. Will this tear apart loving relationships? We hope so! Not. We hope not! Positivity, see?

Hosted by Alison & Nate (Alinate)

This Months Line Up!

Lauren Vino/ Joel Walkowski (Vinowski)
Randy Syphax/ Sara Armour (Saraphax)
Courtney Maginnis / Andy Sandford (Courtford)
Liz Magee/ Jordan Temple (Tempee)
Bae-O: Bits About Each Other
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