CCL For Bernie!!!

CCL For Bernie!!!

April 18th 10:00 PM


It’s the night before the primaries and we are celebrating by doing comedy for BERNIE!

Hosted by Bill Stiteler (His Facebook profile pic is Bernie!) & Ben Kissel (Bernie! Hilary! Donald! Ted! aint no body knows who he likes! come find out!)

Stand up by !

Matt Anderson (He served his country now he is serving up some tasty FB stauses about feeling the bern!)

Rosebud Baker (Her family is real republician but now she only believes in Astrology and Bernie Buttons!)

Lawrence DeLoach (Can’t say who he is voting for but his mom’s name is Peggy- so he is A-Ok on CCL’s list!)

Nick Turner (He is loud, proud and wants you to vote Sanders)

Sam Rubinoff ( He is a Jew who lives in BK, what do you think?)

and so much more!

We may even have a special Feel the Bern Cocktail! who knows!

CCL For Bernie!!!
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