Creek Cave Live

Creek Cave Live

January 19th 10:00 PM
Creek Cave Live (CCL) is the touring arm of The Creek & The Cave, when we are not on the road we bring you the most amazing showcase! It’s a mix of Creek favorites, comics just passing through and some of the best stand ups living in NYC.

Because we love comedy and our audiences so much we give you a free PBR for supporting our space and watching our show! And if you’re a dear and sit in the front row we give you a free shot!

Hosted by Julia Solomon (NPR, Peggy O’Leary & her can be found watching a lot of Hulu together, she also proofreads Pegs Tweets)

Anthony Devito (NPR, Trains Best Friend, dates Peggy O’Learys roommate)

Noah Gardenswartz (JFL New Faces, Dear Friend of Peggy O’Leary)

Ron Krasnow (Wildcats, once had cancer, Peggy O’Leary is in love with his baby girl)

Rae Sanni (Loudmouth!, Let’s Peggy O’Leary call her by her gov’t name-Highest honor Peggy has ever received!)

and more




*This show is produced by Peggy O’Leary

Creek Cave Live
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