The Double Feature with Dan Wilbur and Gabe Pacheco

The Double Feature with Dan Wilbur and Gabe Pacheco

February 18th 7:00 PM
Come see 2 film-loving comedians do a half hour of stand-up each! Featuring bits about all your favorite nerdy subjects: allergies, reading, therapy, comic books, and – of course – director Stan Brakhage’s impact on American cinema (just kidding). It’s the most fun you can have outside of an IMAX theater! Come see live comedy!
About Dan:

Dan Wilbur is a stand-up comedian and author living in New York City. He’s appeared on Sirius XM, IFC,, and College Humor. His writing has been featured on the Onion News Network on IFC, McSweeney’s, and Someecards (where he was also the Ecards Editor). He is the author of 2 humor books, How Not to Read (Penguin, 2012), and Never Flirt with Puppy Killers (AM Universal, 2016). He is always hungry.

About Gabe:

Gabe Pacheco, originally from Washington, DC, is an actor, comedian, host, friend, and roving academic. He’s an entertainer who inspires you to think, moments after you’ve already laughed. A bilingual performer with progressive leanings, watching 10 minutes of Gabe on stage  can feel like you’ve smoked a joint of Ghost Train Haze sativa and mockingly laughed at headlines from the Sunday Times. Gabe has trained at the UCB Theater in NYC and is a veteran in the Story Pirates Acting Company, preparing him for his starring role in the short film “Leaves in Autumn”, which was screened at the Anthology Film Archives (NYC) as part of the New Filmmakers Festival in 2018.

The Double Feature with Dan Wilbur and Gabe Pacheco
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