How We Do (Sketches of the Species)

How We Do (Sketches of the Species) From $7.00

February 24th 7:00 PM

“How We Do (Sketches of the Species)” is a sketch-comedy show that takes aim at the
enduring lower states of human behavior, from ridiculous to abhorrent. Since lampooning
magnificent achievements of humanity isn’t really funny, we descend. Nitwits, zealots, racists,
creeps and predators alike are portrayed in all their absurd, uncensored, hilarious glory for a
shared cathartic release of exasperation. And a reminder that we ALL can do better.
The show is dedicated to all kids who innately recognized their bad parenting, told their
parents to fuck off and went out into the world in a brave pursuit of truth.
Only to encounter…Homo sapiens.

How We Do (Sketches of the Species)

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