Infauxmation!: Deux

Infauxmation!: Deux

January 29th 8:00 PM

If you missed the wild debut of Infauxmation! the first time around, don’t fret, we’re coming back! See the nation’s best comedy news show again at the Creek and the Cave for part deux.

So what is Infauxmation!? If Chelsea Lately got knocked up in a threesome with @Midnight and The Daily Show, Infauxmation! is their lovable bastard child.

Like the news but hate the negativity? Tired of being bombarded by stories about death, destruction, and disease? Ever read a headline and think, “Is that a real news story?” Then this show is for you. Infauxmation! is your insanely hilarious go-to source for the not-quite news.

Scheduled to appear:
Brent Gill
Henry Zebrowski
Sam Tallent
Nathan Lund


Infauxmation!: Deux
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