OFF THE GRID ($5) From $5.00

March 16th 8:00 PM

Comedian Raanan Hershberg (Stand Up NBC, Fox, Sirius XM) is bringing his fourth one man show OFF THE GRID to The Creek and the Cave. OFF THE GRID is about one comedian’s descent into madness when his phone breaks while on the road, and he can no longer distract himself from thoughts of failure and death (Don’t worry, it’s a comedy!)


Raanan Hershberg is a neurotic, overweight Jew originally from Louisville, KY. He was a finalist last year in Stand Up NBC and The Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. He regularly opens for Kathleen Madigan in sold out theaters across the country. His first album SELF-HELPLESS went to #2 on iTunes and is played weekly on Sirius XM. Besides performing stand up, he has written three previous one-man-shows: Crying Behind 3-D Glasses, Please Someone Fuck Me, and Self-Helpless.  He is the co-founder of Character Assassinations, a fictional roast series that started six years ago in Louisville, and has now branched out to The Laugh Factory in Chicago and The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City. He currently resides in New York.


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