The Original NYC Talent Show

The Original NYC Talent Show

December 2nd 9:00 PM

The Original NYC Talent show is a real New York tradition. It’s an interdisciplinary open stage. Performance Art, Music, Comedy, Poetry, Pooping… whatever. A home for the truly weird and whimsical.

-6 minutes of stage time
-No Heckling
-No fire – Sorry witches
-If you make us say “Holy Shit” with your performance, you get a free drink.
-There is always a writing contest.
-There is most likely a beer chugging contest.
-No throwing chicken wings

-keep it weird

FREE (we never turn an artist away. There is a suggested donation of $5)
SUNDAYS at 9pm (Sign up at 8:30)
The Creek and The Cave
10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY

The Original NYC Talent Show
Free Comedy
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