Power Hour!

January 11th 8:00 PM

Power Hour! Open Mic is brought to you by Amy Shanker, Bobby Condon, Zach Swan, and Sam Evans. Originating in Chicago, this mic mixes your hot new bits with some beer + piano. While you’re working on getting famous, a designated weekly “drinker” is on stage beside you working on a pitcher or 2 of beer. He/she will occasionally chime in to riff with your set. This is a fun, no-fail mic; if you drop the ball, the drinker will pick it up. And don’t worry! At the end of the mic, we’ll watch as the drinker attempts to do their set.

Bucket at 7:50 | Start 8PM | every other Saturday downstairs

Power Hour! was created/hosted by Chris Damen with Keith Paesel, Ken Witzgall, Ashley Huck, and Cameron Ford at the Gallery Cabaret in Chicago, IL.

Power Hour!

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