Test Pilots

Test Pilots

June 25th 11:59 PM
Every month, comedian Dan King writes a pilot script for a new TV show that doesn’t exist and will never exist because so far they’ve all been terrible. 
Instead of sitting at home and watching bad TV on Friday night, come on out to the Creek where we’ll make bad television come to life for your entertainment. 
We’ve got a dynamite script this month, one that tells the untold story of Metallica. And by ‘untold story’ I mean it’s a show about Metallica traveling the country in a van solving mysteries, kinda like the gang from Scooby Doo. Some stories are untold because they just never happened. But it’s gonna be funny.

Anyway – our lineup!

WARMUP COMIC Carolina Hidalgo


Jack Comstock
Cathy Humes
Ian Kitchen
Lizzy Mazzucchelli
David Piccolomini
Joseph Robert
Matthew Tenenbaum

So come on out for an evening of fun and also of all these people reading a TV show script.”

Test Pilots
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