The 8

The 8

December 3rd 6:00 PM
It takes 10,000 hours to become a master of a craft. But where can you find a space in cramped NYC?
The Beatles had a basement in Hamburg, Michael Angelo had the Vatican, and Lenny Bruce had Strip City in LA.
We have the Creek in LIC Queens!
The 8’s goal is to have the same set of 5 comedians perform 10 minutes of standup every week for an entire year. Each set is recorded culminating in 8 hours of footage that will be cut into an album at the end of the year.
Come watch the progress of these young artists as they  learn how to master 10 minutes of standup comedy!
Comedians Alternate venues Monthly 

Group 1  – Feb,April,June,August,October,December 

Host- Grant Lindahl

Patrick Hastie

Jared Dryden

Mike Mercadal

Emily Winter

Group 2 – March, May, July, Sept, Nov

Host- Grant Lindahl

Lizzy Mazzucchelli
Will Carey

Will Watkins
Ben Conrad

The 8
Free Comedy
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