The UnDateables

The UnDateables

January 30th 8:00 PM

identify Ever want to date a comic? You should probably go see a shrink or the cheaper route would be to come see The UnDateables.

еxchange exforge hct price Each comic will do their set and then host, JoAnna Ross will interview them about their dating life. Questions you always wanted to know will be asked.

Continue Where do you take a first date to get laid?

purchase Gabapentin Do you pay?

Where do you take a date to break up with them?

What bathrooms have you done “it” in?

Why do you date someone 20 years younger?

Why do you date someone 20 years older.

We will take questions from the audience, twitter or write ins. Who knows what will happen. You might even end up on a date downstairs and sharing nachos.  

The UnDateables
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