IBRAHIM KHALIF Week at the Creek

IBRAHIM KHALIF Week at the Creek

January 21st 7:00 PM

Ibrahim Khalif is a standup comedian, writer, and actor originally from Newark, NJ. He crafted his brand of humor while growing up in Brick City’s Stella Wright Projects during the Crack Epidemic. Ibrahim gives his “Thoughtfully Abrasive” social commentary on issues such as Double Tap Activism, Kanye West, Woke Culture, Marriage, and the MCU just to name a few. In the five years Ibrahim has been doing comedy he’s shared the stage with some of the best comics in New York City. Ibrahim has also been accepted and performed in numerous comedy festivals with the Boston and DC Festivals being the most noteworthy. Ibrahim Khalif’s “Week At The Creek” is an opportunity to observe this verbose humorist showcase his craft for classic comedy fans and compatriots.


IBRAHIM KHALIF Week at the Creek
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