Week at The Creek: Marcus Monroe: FAMOUS

Week at The Creek: Marcus Monroe: FAMOUS

April 15th 7:00 PM
One Artist.  7pm.  The Creek and The Cave is proud to present a Week at The Creek.  A hand picked, organically grown free range comedian will cook up an hour before your very eyes.

This Week’s Artist:

Marcus Monroe

Juggler Marcus Monroe was on his way to becoming famous. He was featured on TV shows, magazines, billboards, movies, and even hosting shows on MTV and Discovery Kids.  He was on red carpets and hanging out with Neil Patrick Harris. It looked like Marcus was about to be not only a famous juggler, but the first famous juggler. There has never been a famous juggler before. There have been famous people that juggle, but no one has ever been famous because they juggle.  But then in 2008, the economy crashed and the juggler was the first to go… Marcus was no longer on your TV or selling out live shows or hanging out with celebrities. Instead, reality stars stole his spotlight.  However, tonight Marcus plans on getting back into the spotlight with a little help from his iphone. Will Marcus become the famous juggler he never was? Or will this be the last show he ever does?

Week at The Creek: Marcus Monroe: FAMOUS
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