Tuesday, March 19th

6:00 PM

Fish n Bits

fish n bits mic

6:00 PM

Fish n Bits

Enjoy some British delicacies like dry humour, absurd surrealism and silly accents as comics get two and a half minutes of stage time. The bucket is always open so late comers are welcome. This mic is also pro shorts on stage when the weather is nice enough. It is also the world’s first and only cryptocurrency themed comedy night, where host Dominic Fogarty provides a weekly update of crypto prices in real time

  • Upstairs
No one likes you…….GOOD!
       Welcome to The Dump!: A Goddamn Storytelling Show!
        This is where Jake Hart(RISK!; Nights of Our Lives) hosts NYC’s funniest storytellers & YOU! Get 6 MINUTES of stage time to tell any ONE true story ya’ll want.  No themes, no judgments.  Just a room full of shitty people scrambling for a reason to live.
  • Downstairs
The Hungry Kitty is a fun & supportive open mic hosted by Stacey Kulow & Bryan Morris. We’re a well-adjusted comedy couple, so that’s weird! Tuesday is our one night away from our catso help us make it count! Mic runs from 8-10. First 35 to sign up, go up.
  • Upstairs

Paul, Khalil, and Jared host with music from Allison Soul.


Line up TBA.

Open Mic-“Rapid Fire”
Tuesdays 11:00pm
Taco Tuesday- $5 Taco & Tecate
Hosted by Michelle Slonim

—3 minutes—
lottery early bucket and late bucket

Wednesday, March 20th

  • Downstairs

Find Your Brand: we’re all going to die. In the meantime, let’s find our brands. 3 minutes. Win an early spot the following week if you stay until the end.

Barely Making It is a 3 year running stand-up comedy show every 1st and 3rd week of the month featuring some of NYC’s best young stand-up comics. The show is sometimes hosted by a bear and always produced by Meghan O’Malley, Adrian Davidson and Brittanie Sheree.


Wednesday, March 20th 8pm
Host: Brittanie Sheree
1) Adrian Davidson
2) Meghan O’Malley
3) Claire Buckingham
4) Benel Germosen
5) Jesse Jolles
6) Nathan Badalov
7) Chani Lisbon
8) Mike Szar

Comics let loose on this hilarious late-night standup show hosted by Melissa Diaz.

Rachel GreenMeagan Walsh

Vanetta Schoefield

Laura Merli

Amber Rollo

Whitney Chanel Clark

Kandyce August

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