Saturday, May 5th

A stand up comedy show for families! Come see comedy and don’t worry about getting a babysitter.

NYC comics that perform at clubs, colleges and on TV come here to try their PG best to make your whole family laugh. The show is super kid-friendly: It is hosted by fun 9-year and all kids get a chance to tell jokes in between the comedians.

Doors open at 12:30. Show starts at 1pm.
Food is available and delicious. Tickets are free!


You have won a no-expense paid trip to beautiful Long Island City, where you get to be a contestant on the Bonus Round Open Mic. Everyone wins 50000 minutes, give or take (usually take) 49997 minutes. There are no other prizes, but if there were prizes, they would be fabulous.

Hosted by Adam Suzan

  • Downstairs

Power Hour! Open Mic is brought to you by Amy Shanker, Brett Hiker, and Cameron Ford. Originating in Chicago, this mic mixes your hot new bits with some beer and piano. While you’re working on getting famous, a designated weekly “drinker” is on stage beside you working on a pitcher or 2 of beer. He or she will occasionally chime in to riff with your set. This is a fun, no-fail mic; if you drop the ball, the drinker will pick it up. And don’t worry! At the end of the mic, we’ll watch as the drinker attempts to do their set.

Bucket at 6:50

Start time: 7PM Saturdays Downstairs at Creek and the Cave

Power Hour! was created/hosted by Chris Damen with Keith Paesel, Ken Witzgall, Ashley Huck, and Cameron Ford at the Gallery Cabaret in Chicago, IL.

Jackknife Comedy is a rad monthly stand up show hosted by two dummies from Iowa, Gideon Hambright and Patrick Hastie! Each month they pick a bunch of their favorite comedians to come do sets, drink and have a blast! Come party with us!

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9:00 PM

Discount Disco

DISCOUNT_DISCO mockup (1)-page-001

9:00 PM

Discount Disco

  • Downstairs
Hosted by: Elise Edwards
“Dancefloor War Stories? Real Life Dirk Diggler? Got Beef with HBO’s Vinyl? This is the mic to let it out. Characters. Queens. Caitlyn. All welcome…Quaaludes, not included.”
“Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the Truth.” – Hot Chocolate

Creek Cave Live (CCL) is the touring arm of The Creek & The Cave, when we are not on the road we bring you the an amazing showcase full of Creek favorites, comics just passing through and some of the best stand up comics living in NYC.

Because we love comedy and our audiences so much we give you a free PBR for supporting our space! And if you’re a dear and sit in the front row we give you a free shot!

Line up available week of show!

10:00 PM


Moist show art2

10:00 PM


“MOIST is a monthly comedy experience hosted by comedian Abby Feldman (Netflix, Redacted Tonight) who provides advice to audience members while inside a bathtub, in between sets by NYC’s finest stand up comics.”


Sunday, May 6th

4:00 PM

It Gets Worse


4:00 PM

It Gets Worse

  • Downstairs

Join Traci McClendon for open mic! Jokes! Live!

  • Downstairs

You want chill vibes. You want a Corona and some guac. Let the warm California sun shine down on your jokes at Cali Girls open mic. Every Sunday, bucket at 6pmCali‘s a big state so it’s got 4 rotating hosts: Davidson Boswell, Jordan Scott Huggins, Sallie Smith-Fitch and Greg Warner.

The Internet Disagrees presents “Hashtag This”. The Internet Disagrees and friends will tear your twitter and instagram a new one. Join us on the first and third Sunday of every month at 8pm. Grab a drink and watch some improvised comedy.


Irene Carroll

Leah Evans

Will Dietzler

Sean Costello

Matthew A. Schrader

Zak Corrigan

Mike Sause

Swing: John Hansford

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