Sunday, September 15th

Come see the incomparable Todd Barry work on new jokes and also improve older jokes.

  • Downstairs

Come every Sunday at 9pm to run your bits in the church of comedy. This weekly mic is hosted by Andrea Allan and Jordan Kleine. Bring your material not your hate speech. Everybody welcome.

9:00 PM

NYC Talent Show

9:00 PM

NYC Talent Show

  • Upstairs

NYC Talent Show is the world’s greatest open stage and a real New York City Tradition. It’s a decade old art performance show started at Bowery Poetry Club by  Diane O’Debra and Victor Varnado where anyone can walk on stage whether they are a first time performer or a seasoned veteran and get treated like a star. A star that leaves the stage when bellman’s bell is rung telling them that their time on stage is over.

Now exclusively streamed live on Camfrog, you can come down and entertain thousands every week or watch everyone having fun at

Performers on the show have included Kristen Schaal, Hannibal Buress, Jim Gaffigan, and Jonathan Aimes.


– 6 minutes of stage time
– The first performer always gets paid
– No Heckling (unless the performer starts it)
– If you make us say “Holy Shit” with your performance, you get a free drink.
– There is always a contest. Winner gets $5
– keep it weird

FREE, but there is a suggested donation of $5

Hosted by Victor Varnado and Pam Wess

Every Sunday

The Creek & the Cave
10-93 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY
(718) 706-8783

Monday, September 16th

  • Downstairs
Every Monday at 6pm, Moriah Sulc and Kattoo King will give you 2.5 minutes to tell your jokes in the basement of the Creek & the Cave. Fleetwood Mac might break up every few months, but Fleetwood Mic will be here for you to try out your new bits every Monday.

8:00 PM

Unsung Heroes

8:00 PM

Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes is a live show brought to you by ZEROES ON HEROES (@zeroesonheroes) host Mike Mercadal (@mikemercadal). Recorded live at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, New York every Thursday, ZOH puts out an open invitation to any would be Heroes to join us on stage for a 5 minute display of their super talents, discussing the theme of the day, and telling their most inspirational and outlandish stories!

Tuesday, September 17th

  • Upstairs
No one likes you…….GOOD!
       Welcome to The Dump!: A Goddamn Storytelling Show!
        This is where Jake Hart(RISK!; Nights of Our Lives) hosts NYC’s funniest storytellers & YOU! Get 6 MINUTES of stage time to tell any ONE true story ya’ll want.  No themes, no judgments.  Just a room full of shitty people scrambling for a reason to live.
  • Downstairs
The Hungry Kitty is a fun & supportive open mic hosted by Stacey Kulow & Bryan Morris. We’re a well-adjusted comedy couple, so that’s weird! Tuesday is our one night away from our catso help us make it count! Mic runs from 8:30-10:30. First 35 to sign up, go up.
  • Upstairs

Paul, Khalil, and Jared host with music from Allison Soul.


Line up TBA.

Wednesday, September 18th

  • Downstairs

Every Wednesday at 6 pm, Tyler Mead hosts this weekly open mic competition. Comedians have 3 minutes to do material, and each week a winner will be crowned based on arbitrary unexplained reasons, awarded a prize, and offered a spot as guest host the following week. Tell jokes, laugh, and fight for the crown! (Crown not included.)

Barely Making It is a 3 year running stand-up comedy show every 1st and 3rd week of the month featuring some of NYC’s best young stand-up comics. The show is sometimes hosted by a bear and always produced by Meghan O’Malley, Adrian Davidson and Brittanie Sheree.

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