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This Week at the Creek

Monday, November 20th

8:00 PM (Improv) The Kaleidoscope10:00 PM (Stand-up) Permission to Fail

Tuesday, November 21st

8:00 PM The Dump: A Goddamn Storytelling Show10:00 PM (Stand-up) I’m Not From Here

Wednesday, November 22nd

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Barely Making It9:00 PM (Podcasts) Legion of Skanks10:00 PM (Stand-up) Hyperbole

Thursday, November 23rd

10:00 PM (Stand-up) Swamp Thing

Friday, November 24th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Instatacular : short sets ($5)10:00 PM (Stand-up) Character Assassinations Present THE ROAST ($5)11:59 PM (Stand-up) Snake Oil

Saturday, November 25th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Shoot the Shite ($5)10:00 PM (Stand-up) Comics Cutting Comics ($10)11:59 PM Black Metal Chvrch

Sunday, November 26th

7:00 PM (Improv) Old Borrowed Blue (Improv)9:00 PM (Stand-up) (Sketch) With A Little Feeling
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