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This Week at the Creek

Friday, May 6th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Instantacular ($5)10:00 PM (Stand-up) Banter Show ($5)11:59 PM (Stand-up) High Five

Saturday, May 7th

6:00 PM (Stand-up) The 88:00 PM (Stand-up) See You In Hell ($5)10:00 PM (Stand-up) Dark Spots ($5): The 1-Year Anniversary Show11:59 PM (Stand-up) Late Night Snack

Sunday, May 8th

4:00 PM The Roast of Will Carey8:00 PM (Improv) Creek Harold Night10:00 PM (Improv) Medusa Presents: Improv Against Humanity

Monday, May 9th

8:00 PM (Improv) The Kaleidoscope10:00 PM (Stand-up) Old New Borrowed and Blue

Tuesday, May 10th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Party & Bullsh!t8:00 PM (Stand-up) The Dump Storytelling Open Mic10:00 PM (Stand-up) The Drunk Spelling Bee

Wednesday, May 11th

7:00 PM (Stand-up) DROP-IN/THE BUCKET8:00 PM (Stand-up) Barely Making It9:00 PM (Podcasts) Legion of Skanks10:00 PM (Stand-up) The “NEW” Show

Thursday, May 12th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Awkward Poop & The City10:00 PM (Stand-up) Death Comedy Jam
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