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This Week at the Creek

Friday, September 30th

7:00 PM (Stand-up) Week at the Creek: Myq Kaplan8:00 PM (Stand-up) Specific Ignorance ($5)10:00 PM (Film) 60 Shots for 60 Shorts11:59 PM A Night of Thrill-Via

Saturday, October 1st

6:00 PM (Stand-up) The 87:00 PM (Stand-up) Week at the Creek: Myq Kaplan8:00 PM (Stand-up) See You In Hell ($5)10:00 PM (Stand-up) Dark Spots ($5)

Sunday, October 2nd

7:00 PM (Improv) The Internet Disagrees9:00 PM (Stand-up) You Can Use That

Monday, October 3rd

8:00 PM (Improv) The Kaleidoscope10:00 PM (Stand-up) RUMBLE

Tuesday, October 4th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) DROP-IN/THE BUCKET8:00 PM The Dump: A Goddamn Storytelling Show10:00 PM (Stand-up) Creek Bros

Wednesday, October 5th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Barely Making It9:00 PM (Podcasts) Legion of Skanks10:00 PM (Stand-up) SMUT Presents: Greer Barnes Live! ($10)

Thursday, October 6th

8:00 PM (Stand-up) Jackknife Comedy8:00 PM (Podcasts) The Open Mic Podcast10:00 PM (Stand-up) The Half-Hour Hour
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